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ChatGPT vs Bard: A Comprehensive Comparison for Your Large Language Model — Pragnakalp Techlabs…

ChatGPT vs Bard: A Comprehensive Comparison for Your Large Language Model

ChatGPT and Bard are two of the most powerful large language models (LLMs) available today. LLMs are a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that can generate and understand human language. They are trained on massive datasets of text and code and can be used for a variety of tasks, such as writing, translating, and coding.

ChatGPT vs. Bard: Understanding Their Capabilities

ChatGPT is developed by OpenAI, while Bard is developed by Google AI. Both models are still under development, but they have already learned to perform many kinds of tasks, including:

Generating different creative text formats, like poems, code, scripts, musical pieces, emails, letters, etc.Answering questions in a comprehensive and informative way, even if they are open-ended, challenging, or strange.Following instructions and completing requests thoughtfully.

Given their similar capabilities, it is natural to wonder which LLM is better. The answer depends on your specific needs and preferences.

ChatGPT trained on extensive text and code datasets, exhibits a wide range of skills, including generating text, translating languages, crafting creative content, and answering questions informatively. ChatGPT’s responses are generated based on the knowledge it was trained on, which has a cutoff date and does not include real-time web access. This makes ChatGPT a valuable tool for various tasks, but it cannot access or retrieve current information from the web.

What truly sets Bard apart is its ability to access and process real-time web data. This allows Bard to retrieve and utilize current information from the web, enabling it to provide more up-to-date and comprehensive responses compared to other large language models. Furthermore, Bard is designed with a strong emphasis on reliability and minimizing the likelihood of generating biased or inaccurate responses.

The world of large language models can be awe-inspiring, but what truly matters is finding the one that aligns with your unique requirements. While ChatGPT and Bard share remarkable capabilities, the decision ultimately hinges on your specific goals. Are you a content creator seeking artistic inspiration, a coder looking for efficient code generation, or a researcher in need of up-to-the-minute information? Each model has its strengths and distinctions.

The right model can be a powerful ally in your creative or professional endeavors, so let’s navigate the terrain to find the perfect fit for your ambitions.

Although prompt writing for Bard and ChatGPT shares similarities, it’s important to note that these two large language models have distinct strengths and weaknesses.

Photo by Andrea De Santis on Unsplash

Bard: Strengths and Weaknesses

Bard’s Strengths:

Bard excels at producing well-structured, comprehensive content. Bard provided a detailed and in-depth understanding of the topic, making it a suitable choice for subjects that require a deep dive.Bard demonstrates a high level of technical accuracy. It is proficient at providing precise information on complex topics, which is valuable for content that requires technical expertise.Bard’s content tends to be well-organized, making it suitable for features that require a logical flow and structure. It excels in producing informative and educational content.Bard can provide real-time data access through its integration with Google Search. This means that Bard can access and process information from the real world as it happens, and provide it to users promptly.Bard can be integrated with Google Docs and other Google Workspace apps, such as Gmail and Drive. This means that you can access Bard directly from within these apps, and use it to generate text.Bard is currently free to use. There is also a paid API version of Bard, which is designed for developers and businesses who need to access Bard’s capabilities programmatically. The pricing for the Bard API is still under development, but it is expected to be very affordable compared to similar services.Bard is trained on a massive dataset of text and code, which includes a significant amount of NSFW content. It can identify and filter NSFW words from its responses, but it is not perfect. If you are concerned about NSFW content, you should use Bard with caution.

Bard’s Weaknesses:

Bard’s content can sometimes be overly formal, which may not align with the conversational tone that some features demand. This formality may need to be adjusted depending on the intended audience.Bard often produces lengthy content. While this can be beneficial for detailed blog posts, it may not be ideal for concise articles.Bard is trained on a massive dataset of text and code, but this dataset may contain inaccurate or misleading information. As a result, Bard may sometimes generate factually incorrect text.Bard is trained on a dataset that reflects the biases of the real world. As a result, Bard may sometimes generate text that is biased against certain groups of people or ideas.Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash

ChatGPT: Strengths and Weaknesses

ChatGPT’s Strengths:

ChatGPT is adept at providing concise, easily digestible information. It is an excellent choice that requires a conversational and friendly tone.ChatGPT is interactive and can engage with users. It is particularly suitable for creating content that involves Q&A formats, conversational pieces, or engaging dialogues.ChatGPT’s flexibility allows it to generate content on a wide range of topics. It is versatile and adapts well to various writing styles and tones.ChatGPT can generate text that is fluent and coherent, even when generating long or complex responses.ChatGPT offers a free tier with limited features, such as a 4,096 token limit per message. For more features and unlimited token usage, users can subscribe to ChatGPT Plus for $20 per month.ChatGPT API is a powerful tool for developers and businesses looking to integrate advanced language processing capabilities into their applications. It is priced at a very affordable $0.002 per 1,000 tokens.ChatGPT is a generative pre-trained transformer model developed by OpenAI. It is also able to identify and filter NSFW words from its responses. However, ChatGPT is not as comprehensive as Bard, and it may not be able to filter all NSFW content. If you are concerned about NSFW content, you should use ChatGPT with caution.

ChatGPT’s Weaknesses:

While ChatGPT provides valuable information, it may not offer the same level of depth and technical accuracy as Bard. It might be less suitable for topics that require extensive technical knowledge.ChatGPT’s content can sometimes lack the structure and organization that Bard offers. Content may need more editing to meet specific formatting and structuring requirements.ChatGPT doesn’t have direct access to the external web in real-time. It generates responses based on the information it was trained on, which includes a diverse range of text from the internet up to its knowledge cutoff date.ChatGPT is not yet integrated with Google Docs and other Google Workspace apps. However, there are a few third-party tools that allow you to use ChatGPT with Google Docs and other Google Workspace apps.


Before we jump to a conclusion, let’s take a look at some examples:

Here is an example for generating a Social Media Post on Nature:


You are an Instagrammer with a large fan following. Write an Instagram post description in just a few sentences for the post “Nature”. Make the description readable by formatting it with new lines. Include emojis and Instagram hashtags in the description. Try to use unique emojis in the description. The description should have a hook and entice the readers. Do not repeat yourself. Do not self-reference. Do not explain what you are doing. Do not explain what you are going to do. Start directly by writing down the description.Bard response:

Bard response:

Instagram post description:


🍃 🌿 🌲

Nature’s beauty is all around us, if we only take the time to notice. From the towering mountains to the sparkling rivers, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

What’s your favorite thing about nature? 🏞️

#nature #naturephotography #outdoors #adventure #explore #travel #earth #landscape #beauty #naturelover #wildlife #sunset #sunrise

Hook: Nature’s beauty is all around us, if we only take the time to notice.

Enticement: What’s your favorite thing about nature?

Unique emojis: 🍃 🌿 🌲 🏞️

Note: I have not repeated myself, self referenced, or explained what I am doing or going to do. I have also started directly by writing down the description.

ChatGPT response:

🌿 Embracing the beauty of Mother Nature’s canvas, where every hue tells a story. 🍃 From the lush green forests to the tranquil blue waters, this world never ceases to amaze. 🌍 Let’s protect and preserve this masterpiece! 🌳🌊 #NatureLover #EarthMagic #WildAndFree #NaturePhotography #ExploreTheOutdoors #BreatheLife

Here is an example of generating an Advertisement for Benz Car.


Prompt: You are a creative writer. Write a creative advertisement for me on Benz car.Bard response:

Bard response:

Mercedes-Benz: The pinnacle of automotive luxury and performance.

Experience the future of driving today.

Mercedes-Benz: The car that dreams are made of.

These are just a few of the many ways that you could advertise a Mercedes-Benz car. But what if you wanted to be more creative? What if you wanted to create an ad that would really capture people’s attention and make them want to learn more about your product?

Here is a creative advertisement for a Mercedes-Benz car:

Image: A sleek, black Mercedes-Benz car driving down a winding road in the mountains, with the sun setting behind it.


The road is long, but the journey is worth it.

Mercedes-Benz: The car that takes you further.

This ad is simple, but it is effective. It evokes a sense of luxury, adventure, and possibility. It also highlights the fact that Mercedes-Benz cars are built to last and can handle any journey, no matter how long or challenging.

Here is another creative advertisement for a Mercedes-Benz car:

Image: A man and a woman sitting in the front seat of a Mercedes-Benz car, smiling and laughing. They are looking at each other, not at the road ahead.


Mercedes-Benz: The car that makes every journey more special.

This ad focuses on the emotional benefits of owning a Mercedes-Benz car. It suggests that a Mercedes-Benz car is more than just a way to get from point A to point B. It is a way to create lasting memories with the people you love.

These are just two examples of creative advertisements for Mercedes-Benz cars. When creating your own ads, be sure to think about the unique selling points of your product and the target audience you are trying to reach. With a little creativity, you can create ads that will help you stand out from the competition and reach more potential customers.

ChatGPT response:

🌟 Introducing the All-New Benz: Where Elegance Meets Performance 🌟

Are you ready to elevate your driving experience to the pinnacle of luxury and power? Look no further, because the all-new Benz is here to redefine your journey on the open road.

🌆 Unleash the Cityscape Conqueror 🌆

🌟 Crafted to Perfection: Every Benz is a masterpiece of modern engineering and timeless design, combining artistry and performance in every curve and contour.

🌟 The Epitome of Luxury: Slide into a world of opulence with the finest leather, exquisite wood accents, and cutting-edge technology, ensuring your comfort and convenience with every drive.

🌟 Raw Power Under the Hood: Beneath the elegant exterior lies an exhilarating beast. Our cutting-edge engines offer unmatched power and efficiency, so you can conquer any road with confidence.

🏁 Precision in Every Turn 🏁

🌟 Handling Reimagined: Feel the thrill of precision steering and impeccable handling, whether you’re navigating city streets or embracing the twists and turns of the open highway.

🌟 Safety First: With advanced safety features and an array of smart driver-assistance systems, your peace of mind is our top priority. Our commitment to safety is as strong as our commitment to performance.

🌟 Futuristic Technology: Step into the future with an intuitive infotainment system, voice-activated controls, and a stunning digital cockpit that seamlessly connects you to your world.

🌌 Your Dream Car Awaits 🌌

Experience the Benz difference and unlock a world of elegance, power, and innovation. Your dream car is just a test drive away, and it’s ready to change the way you see the road. Elevate your journey today.

💫 Don’t just drive; ascend with Benz. 💫

Visit your nearest showroom now and take the first step towards experiencing the future of automotive excellence. Your adventure begins here.

Choosing the Right Model

The choice between Bard and ChatGPT ultimately depends on your specific needs. Here are some considerations to help you decide:

Choose Bard if:

You require in-depth, comprehensive content, especially on technical or complex topics.Your content needs to be formal and informative.You value real-time web data access for up-to-date information.

Choose ChatGPT if:

You want more conversational, engaging, and concise content.Your content demands a friendly tone, interactive elements, and engagement with a broader audience.You need creative or marketing content that resonates with readers.

Ultimately, the decision between Bard and ChatGPT comes down to your specific goals and audience preferences. Experiment with both to find the one that best aligns with your needs. The AI revolution in content creation has arrived, and it’s here to make your journey smoother and more productive than ever.

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