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7 Tools that You Really Need for a Successful Project

Favorite tools for leaders in UX design


You can hire new specialists to work effectively on a project and help other team members. Many tools and applications can help you with various tasks, whether writing a text, developing a simple design, working with data, or selling a product.

Need a designer for a project?


Use Figma for user interface design. It is a powerful and handy tool that dramatically simplifies application development. In addition, Figma has several other advantages.

For example, Figma works in the browser and on any platform, unlike other tools. If it suddenly goes down, you can continue working, as your project is automatically saved when the connection is restored. In other words, all you need to do is design the internet.

Figma makes it much easier to hand your design to developers using the inspect tool. It allows UX/UI designers, developers, and collaborators to view, modify, create, and copy elements, properties, and code from Figma projects. Figma also displays code snippets for all objects or frames in CSS, iOS, or Android formats. This allows developers to validate any design component.

And the apparent advantage is working on the project in real-time. For example, developers can code objects while you, the designer, are working on another part of the same project.

This can be useful in this context:

7 Tools with a focus on great design

Need a developer for a project?


Use Framer. It’s great for building highly interactive prototype interface designs for different device formats. Framer has collaborative features such as multi-user editing, easy sharing, inline commenting, reusable, easily customizable components, mobile previewing, and developer handovers.

In addition, Framer is now also a powerful website builder. You can also use ready-made templates. You don’t need to understand the code to create them.

Need a copywriter for a project?


Use This AI-assisted application can create content for blogs, social networks, and emails. It generates content for websites and projects, creates product descriptions and generates texts for online marketing and sales promotions.

To receive quality content, you only need to describe an idea in one or two sentences.

Need a database for a project?

Photo by Team Nocoloco on Unsplash

Use Airtable. This is a popular zero-code tool used by professionals — from UX designers and photographers to managers.

The fact is that Airtable is a service that allows you to create databases for all occasions. It has a simple and user-friendly interface, which makes it intuitive for any user.

Data can be stored in a variety of ways. They can be sorted, grouped, and filtered.

Valuable features of Airtable: support for the data import from CSV, Excel, and other formats, data visualization using charts (like in PowerBI), and Javascript scripting for data manipulation inside the database.

It’s handy if you release demo versions of applications and need to collect and analyze their statistics.

Create Your Database in Airtable | Airtable Guides

Need to send emails?


Use Superhuman. You will be able to send and receive emails two times faster than before. And with intelligent sorting, read statuses, and other features, you will recover your concentration, increase productivity and save time for more critical tasks.

Need audio or video transcription for a project?


Use Otter. It’s a quality transcription app. The app can record and transcribe audio through a browser. I like the ability to highlight a part of an audio transcription to publish a particular audio fragment with its transcription. This is handy when you need to transcribe an online meeting.

More useful audio and video transcription applications can be found here:

7 Best Transcription Software in 2022

Need to schedule meetings?


Use Cron. This app has changed the way I look at my regular calendar. With it, I can plan my time efficiently, quickly schedule and reschedule meetings, and reserve certain hours for essential tasks.

How my time management has changed with Cron, I described in detail in a separate post:

How has my time management improved after using Cron?

If you’re looking for more useful productivity apps, here are some more useful picks:

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