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Chatbot Cost Calculator

Choose the platforms

Chatbots can be built on wide variety of platforms. The cool part about building a chatbot on an already popular platform is the less aqiuistion cost. Deploy your chatbot where your audience are already active or deploy it independently to take control.


Chatbot Cost Calculator

Choose Bot Builder

Chatbots can also be built by various Bot Builder. The two most popular bot builders are Chatfuel and Manychat. Both of them have their own special features. You can go for a custom built from the scratch.


Chatbot Cost Calculator

Do you want integration in your bot?

Integration in a bot allows to take advantage of a third party solutions to do different tasks. For eg: You can integrate with HubSpot/SalesForce/Zoho CRM/MailChimp. If someone leaves an email on your chatbot, that information can be sent over to your preferred dashboard.


Chatbot Cost Calculator

Do you want users to login from chatbot?

You can enable users to login on your chatbot. Give access depending on the scope of user permission.


Chatbot Cost Calculator

Using a database?

Allow your bot to store important key values


Chatbot Cost Calculator

What kind of dashboard do you want?

Dashboard can give the opportunity to gain insights that help perform the chatbot better. Depending on the complexity, it can provide an easy to understand, objective view of current performance and can effectively serve as a foundation for further dialogue.


Chatbot Cost Calculator

What kind of bot?

Bots come in different shapes and sizes. But there are two most prominent types of bots out in the market.


Chatbot Cost Calculator

Choose level of AI to be integrated?

Adding AI to your bot lifts it to another level. Bot can understand the meaning of words in different combinations, ask questions to create context and intent, and actually do something for users.


Chatbot Cost Calculator

Collect payment from bot?

If you plan to sell something through chatbot then collecting payment is the most important feature to have.


Chatbot Cost Calculator

Do you want your bot to implement API?

Fetch third-party service API. There are thousands of services who keep their API open. In fact, you can have your own API created for other developers to take advantage of it.


Chatbot Cost Calculator

The estimated cost of your chatbot is

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Chatbot Cost Calculator

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